About Afront

Afront is an advancing front triangulation algorithm that can be applied to many different meshing scenarios. It makes use of a guidance field to determine triangle sizing that is adaptive to the curvature of the input surface, but also maintains smooth gradation to prevent poor quality triangles from being created. The prototype implementation can be used to generate meshes from other meshes (remeshing), from volumes defined on regular and irregular grids (isosurface extraction), and from point sets. It can be used to mesh either the entire input surface or just a local region, and can preserve sharp features that are annotated ahead of time. Please see the papers below for more details.


Please cite the relevant papers when using our algorithm or code in your research. BibTeX

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This software was produced by members of the Visualization and Geometric Computing (VGC) group at the University of Utah. Main contributors to the algorithm include:


This work was partially supported by the DOE under the VIEWS program and the MICS office, the National Science Foundation (grants CCF-0401498, CCF-0528201, EIA-0323604, IIS-0513692, and OISE-0405402), Sandia National Laboratories, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, an IBM Faculty Award, and a University of Utah Seed Grant.